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Checklist to Absurdity

Imagine being evaluated on your health and fitness from the following checklist. Sneakers Gatorade Dumbbells Sports Bra Athletic Shorts Smelly Socks Ipod Elliptical machine Shake Weight P90X DVD Gym Bag Workout Glove Yoga mat Scale Pedometer Ab roller Power Bars … Continue reading

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You have bad days at work.  Days that you screwed up and the boss or client comes down hard on you.  Screw up consistently and your job will be on the line.  So how many times in a day could … Continue reading

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The straw that broke the camel’s back came in January.  After a semester of ridiculous interactions, stupid policies, and short-sighted decisions, a make-up snow day finally stirred me to begin this project in earnest.  Making up a snow day seems … Continue reading

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