For the past six years, I have been at the frontline of a war.  A war that has been brewing for decades and who’s primary causalities are children.   Yet, I never realized that I was harboring the enemy.  Each night, I would make dinner for the combatant, listen to the day’s stories, and praise the effort.  I would sympathize with the failures, celebrate the victories, and listen as strategies were formulated that might work tomorrow.  It never occurred to me that the passionate, dedicated and caring woman that I loved was and is the problem with education in this country.  Simply, I am married to a monster:  a public school teacher in a failing school, in a failing district, who is failing her students and herself.  Or so the critics say.

The text to follow documents a life of one teacher through my eyes, those of her husband.  With limited education knowledge and less writing skill,  I attempt to illustrate another side of the education war.  To show that students are not the only ones to be failed by this system.  In the quest to mold every teacher into supermen and women, the system has mostly been successful in killing the Clark Kents striving for the good of kids.


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