The Author

I would like to describe myself as the humble, unassuming, loving husband of the star of this site, my teacher wife.  But that is not true.  I am neither humble nor unassuming, and I would not ever like to be described as such.  I will even admit that I would like to be a star of this website too, with my witty writing and sarcastic humor.  In reality, the only truth in my initial statement is “loving husband”.  I am devoted to my wife who is key to my happiness. (Insert mushy stuff here). Nothing pains me more than to watch her suffer in any way.  This work is a dedication to her.

While not an educator, like many of you, I went to school and thus formed my own opinions on education.  As a first generation American, my parents sent me to school with high expectations.  I quickly learned that the way to limit hassles about school was to perform, but my good grades did not stop my mother from asking for more work for me. She believed that I was not being pushed and she may have been right.  I went on to be successful in middle and high school.  My grades afforded entry into several prestigious universities, but my finances made a big state university (with a good football team) the right choice.  There, I majored in a wet science that also yielded many future doctor and dentists.  Since I had no desire to deal with sick and/or frightened people nor pay up front to do it, I went into research, getting my PHD.

Since then I have moved onto a research position where I am relatively poorly paid (more than my wife the teacher).  But each day affords me autonomy and the opportunity to use my brain as I see fit.  I can also wear what I want, have flexibility in my schedule, and can check Facebook and twitter at my leisure. It really is about the little things in life.

I wish I could give insights that quickly explain my perspective, not just on education but on life.  Yet, I do not want this to devolve into a self-aggrandizing autobiography (perhaps I am more humble than I thought).  More likely, though, is that I do not want to make myself vulnerable by sharing too much. But, I believe when approaching subjects that are important to you, you must make yourself vulnerable to critique.  In this, you facilitate discussion and understanding, at least I hope that is true.  Therefore, I will try to share some insight so that you may understand why I write.

I can quickly say that like any politician, I am rooted strongly in family, faith, and country.  I expect people of all ages to treat and be treated with respect.  I hate stupidity, short-sightedness, and hypocrisy, especially from smart people.  I love to play devils advocate and often take absurd positions to prove my points.  I never concede that I take absurd position in the midst of that discussion.  Also, I rarely think I am wrong, but if I am, I will begrudgingly admit it (although my wife disagrees with both these points).  I think I am smarter than just about everyone, but know that I can learn something from anyone if I am humble enough to listen.

These are just a few self determined facts I’ve chosen to share with you. In truth, I don’t know how accurate the previous statements are.  I do know that I am the product of growing up with loving parents who I know worked harder than I’ve ever had to.  I am the product of a public education system that allowed me to flourish.   I also believe that while our system is far from perfect, it is also far from failing, despite what the critics say.  It is still great, because people like my wife still advocate for kids.  The passion my wife has for job is something I have never experienced for myself.  That is why I write, that is the root of my perspective.

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